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Best Choice has always used AWG Advertising in developing their annual calendar. This calendar is created to sell to over 2,400 grocery retailers across 36 states as a promotional option for the Best Choice Brand. It's also required to be a cost effective format, that can also be sold at a low price point. For the last 30 years, the calendar has featured the same type of photography and format: plain recipe shots. In an effort to boost sales, and create excitement about Best Choice, Alicia Blair single-handedly convinced superiors, and her creative team for permission to try something new. AWG has an amazing food photographer and food stylist at their disposal, and Alicia wanted to showcase their versatility in creating not just a calendar, but an art piece that consumers and our creative team alike would be proud to display. Food typography has been a recent growing trend in the grocery industry, and the calendar needed a major overhaul. With themes applicable to each month, the Best Choice calendar features food typography mixed with actual Best Choice products. It communicates a clear message for each month, as well as an appetizing display of product.

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